I'm passionate about both developing and designing, and selecting it as my life's work is to take seriously the advice of working hardest at what one best loves to do. No matter how complex the project, I'm a problem solver who takes pride in having a broad set of tools under my belt for creating solutions.

Currently, I'm a Lead Solutions Architect at Tremor Video. I started late 2009 in a designer-developer role working on ads for clients such as Microsoft — where my 2013 Gears of War ad helped our company land a lucrative deal — and Paramount Pictures — where my Transformers 3 concept won the 2011 OMMA award for best video in banner. In 2011, I switched focus from creating ads to building internal Business Process Management applications in order to improve workflows, increase revenue opportunities, and decrease losses. Through this role, I owned the complete buildout process — from leading meetings with key stakeholders across multiple departments, to designing and developing each component, to project management. Currently, I spend more time and focus on application architecture while continuing to work on the full-stack of an applications life cycle. Throughout my tenure at Tremor Video, I've had the opportunity to spearhead projects, be part of a team, mentor company mates, revamp systems, and improve operations; I even helped our team successfully migrate through a merger by leading the integration of our toolkits and processes.

Since 2005, I've been working professionally. Eager to grow, I've spent much time, in and outside the office, honing my skills. I'm constantly learning new techniques, languages, and principles in order to be the best problem solver I can be.

Additionally, I freelance and have had the pleasure to work on projects for start-up clients as well as large corporations. In 2013, I designed 23 t-shirts for Reebok Classic. As of 2017, I've released many open source projects via GitHub and npm.

Whether I'm writing some complex logic or designing a logo, creativity is at the root of my passion and guides how I think and execute.


  • → for writing code
  • Git → for source control
  • Trello → for project management
  • Adobe Creative Suite → for designing
  • Sketchbook → for brainstorming + expression
  • Good Music → for enriching the process

Languages +

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Node
  • PHP
  • Python
  • ActionScript
  • AIR
  • JSON
  • XML
  • Regex
  • MySQL (basics)
  • Shell script
  • English
  • Portuguese

Check out my open source GitHub and npm projects.

Career Highlights

I've wanted to pursue a career in the creative industry since I can remember. Setting on a path to fulfill my goals (with parents who supported my dream), I attended a magnet art middle school, a visual arts focused high school (Design and Architecture Senior High), and graduated with a BFA in graphic design from Florida State University.

Some highlights include…

  • Graduated Florida State University with Honors (Cum Laude)
  • Runner up in the Innovation category at Tremor Video's 2015 Cultural Awards:
    • Innovation award: Develops the place, products and people they want to succeed with. Offer solutions when they identify problems.
  • Winner in the Success category at Tremor Video's 2014 Cultural Awards.
  • Created ads for clients such as:
    • Cotton
    • Diet Coke
    • Disney
    • Viacom
    • Paramount
    • Microsoft
    • Kia
    • CBS Films
    • Mini
    • NBC
    • SyFy
  • My stack when building applications at Tremor Video:
    • Planning with stakeholders
    • Road mapping
    • Hosting meetings with key clients
    • Designing the User Experiences and Interfaces
    • Developing the front end
    • Developing the back end and data storage
    • Developing security schemes
    • Communicating with 3rd party APIs
    • Writing documentation
    • Supporting Windows and Mac operating systems
    • Providing maintenance and updates to support client needs
    • Project managing releases
  • OMMA award winner:
  • Able to work remotely:
    • I've worked from satellite offices in many occasions
    • Proves that I'm trustworthy, responsible, reliable and can self manage

See more on my LinkedIn page.


Bboying is an extremely valuable form of expression for me. I've been dancing since 1999 and proud to be a part of the culture. Improving confidence, balance, and strength, it's an additional creative outlet that has helped me grow in many ways. Though not something that I want to pursue professionally, it's an important part of my life.

Here's some footage.