BTBridge Documentation (v1.0+)

Search Behavioral Target files on Mac and Windows

  1. The first time BTBridge opens, login with your Tremor Video credentials.
    • Since BTBridge is tied to the Tremor user database, your password will expire according to your Tremor group policy.
  2. Allow BTBridge to parse and prepare the data.
  3. Use the search bar to search across all the added files.
    • Use the Searchable File Wizard to add provider files.


All words in the provider files are made searchable.

  1. Optional Use the 'Match word' feature to search for specific words.
    1. For example, searching the term "at" with 'Match word' will return results such as "it is at the park," while searching with 'Match word' off will include results such as "baseball bat."
  2. Optional Use the 'Match case' feature to match results to your letter-casing.
    1. For example, searching the term "hi" with 'Match case' will return results such as "hi ho hum," while searching with 'Match case' off will include results such as "Hi Ho Hum."
  3. Optional Use the information bubble near the results counter to see the provider files being searched.
  4. Optional You can copy results line by line or use the copy all button to copy all accepted results.
  5. All search queries get added to the history menu option for easy re-searching.

Searchable Data Wizard

  1. Add provider excel files you want to be made searchable.
  2. Select all relevant files to be made searchable.
    1. All newly imported files are included in addition to any files already being used by BTBridge.
    2. Select all files (old and new) that you want to be included as searchable.
    3. Note that all files excluded will be removed from the BTBridge searchable data store.
  3. Upon completion, BTBridge will re-parse and prepare your searchable data.

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