GrabBridge v2.0+ Documentation

Steps to create a screen grab:

  1. Input a CU# into the CU field.
    1. Just use the number (letters are not accepted).
  2. [Optional] Click the 'companion' button to auto detect a companion banner. If no companion is found, input the banners image URL in the pop-up window.
    1. Get the URL from the iframe tag you receive from the client.
    2. Look for the URL next to "<img src=."
  3. Choose a sync option:
    1. Auto: Attempts to find the video player (and companion) automatically. Click the inject button when ready.
    2. Manual: Allows you to custom align and size your ad. Drag the injected container to align it and/or drag its corners to resize it. Click the inject button when ready.
  4. [Optional] Re-click the bookmarklet (bookmark link) to toggle the app visibility.
  5. Create a screen grab using your desired method.


Marketing backgrounds:

  1. Select "Marketing BG" from the sub menu.
  2. [Optional] Click to visit the GB2 mock page if not already there.
  3. Select a background from the drop down field and allow it to load.
  4. Press the back button and continue as expected.