AvailsBridge App

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This application, for the Tremor Video Business Intelligence and Account Management Department, was created to help improve inventory projection accuracy, streamline workflow, increase revenue potential, and reduce revenue risk. It was a huge project that took over a year of development before its release (see the roadmap). The build required pulling data from Salesforce, and reading from and writing to numerous databases. In addition, I had to create logic that allowed different instances of the application (running on different user machines) to communicate with each other.

Before this application, availability reports had to be run by the Business Intelligence team, and were calculated based on a full month while only having the insight of 3 months into the future. It was a timely process that was not done too often and involved a 20mb Excel file. With the release of this application, availability reports can be broken down to a more accurate daily value (instead of monthly) and has the insight of a full year into the future. The giant Excel file is gone and anyone can use it without having to wait for a Business Intelligence team member. This application provides us the potential to sell inventory based on more accurate availability, which in turn lets us get closer to our margins while decreasing the risk of over booking. Side note, I added some Easter eggs into the application for good measure. Take a look at the documentation to learn more.

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